Plan Early for Centralized Mail Delivery in New Developments

The US Postal Service Operations Manual provides the USPS with autonomy to determine the appropriate mode of delivery; which is essential for the USPS to meet its universal service obligations in the most efficient manner possible. This includes the location and type of equipment to be used to ensure the safety, efficiency and convenience for both carriers and customers.

By including centralized mail delivery with other essential components of a project’s infrastructure, this important public service can be addressed early in the planning process to avoid potential disruption of service and adequate and proper placement of the correct equipment. Just as other universal service providers need to determine appropriate placement for their infrastructure during the initial phases of a project, so too must the USPS be contacted to help with determining appropriate mail delivery solutions. Plus, effective early planning allows for the creation of a true community gathering area within the common space surrounding centralized mail delivery equipment; something residents will ultimately appreciate.

But new construction isn’t the only project that should consider this service early on, any remodel project should also take into account centralized mail delivery during the planning phase of the project. If a major renovation will disturb the rough opening of an existing mailbox installation, newer centralized mail delivery equipment will be required.

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